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This blog is a place for me to write about things that require that little bit extra to solve. We all have gaps in our knowledge and every now and then I need to reach out on search engines or blogs to find an answer. Often, these answers come from multiple sources. This blog serves as a personal resource, but if it's helpful for me I'm sure it'll help others too!

Deploying CodeIgniter with Deployer

Posted on 17 April 2018

Deploying CodeIgniter is a task we all have to perform at some point, to both test and production environments.

There is an excellent package I’ve used for a while for configuring Deployer with CodeIgniter. Unfortunately, as with many good packages for CodeIgniter, it’s now a little out of date (3 years).

I ran into an issue when trying out Eloquent with CodeIgniter. There was a clash when using the Eloquent package causing Deployer to throw an error.

The cause of the issue was an out of date Deployer version. For this reason I’ve forked Kenjis package and released a version for Deployer 6.1.0. The deploy script needed a rewrite too for Deployer 6 compatibility.

The package can be found on github here, or installed using composer like so:

cd /path/to/codeigniter/
composer require stef686/codeigniter-deployer:[email protected] --dev
php vendor/stef686/codeigniter-deployer/install.php

Hopefully this will help you when Deploying CodeIgniter moving forward.